HOPE Preschool

HOPE Preschool, is a small private preschool located in the village of Boosa, an area where C.O.L.O.R. worked post tsunami.  The lead teacher Gothami and her husband Ruchi worked with us on one of our very first projects, The Boosa Center.   We have since gone on to do projects and donate goods to this small village preschool that they now operate.  If you are looking for a great place to volunteer your time while visiting Sri Lanka, HOPE Preschool is a wonderful option.  HOPE preschool is always in need of donations, please consider a goods donation.  Thank You.

HOPE Preschool Wish List

1. Puzzles for ages 2-5

2. Building Blocks  Duplo or Lego

3. Googly Eyes

4. Stickers

5. Beads

6. Birthday pencils or Birthday give away items

7 . Number and Counting Items

8. Size and Shape Manipulatives

9. Pictures (animals, flowers, fruit, vegetables)

10. Small Musical Instruments

11. Bulletin Board Materials (boarders, themes, backgrounds)

12. Preschool Age Books


Longheyer Kids Visits to HOPE Preschool


2010- Geneva


Anika Visiting Hope Preschool In Sri Lanka

2014- Anika


2016- Parker


September 2016






December 2014



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September 2014

Anika Visiting Hope Preschool In Sri Lankahope-preschool-sept-2014-61hope-preschool-sept-2014-60hope-preschool-sept-2014-56hope-preschool-sept-2014-52hope-preschool-sept-2014-51hope-preschool-sept-2014-47hope-preschool-sept-2014-46hope-preschool-sept-2014-43hope-preschool-sept-2014-34hope-preschool-sept-2014-33hope-preschool-sept-2014-32hope-preschool-sept-2014-31hope-preschool-sept-2014-29hope-preschool-sept-2014-30hope-preschool-sept-2014-26hope-preschool-sept-2014-25hope-preschool-sept-2014-24hope-preschool-sept-2014-23hope-preschool-sept-2014-22



2010- C.O.L.O.R. Donated a Playground to HOPE Preschool

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