Dump Children, Cambodia

This project provides 300 children living at the Stung Meanchey Dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with a source of protein and a daily multi-vitamin. The program is intended to increase the number of children attending the local school by providing students nutritional support on campus. –


October 2010-Stung Meanchey Dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Children living at the Stung Meanchey Dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The eggs and vitamins provided during the past year have definitely been a success. Enrollment at the school is up to over 300 children and we hope we have played a part in this. Attendance is up and the children are growing strong. The organization running the school is reaching out to other donation sources to start similar programs at two other schools they run. COLOR is increasing the program from two to three eggs a week; we hope this will serve as a model for other donors

Comments on the project from Phymean, PIO Executive Director and Ms. Aster Kiden, Program Manager:
(Phymean is a 2008 CNN Heroes Award Winner, a very prestigious award. You can read more about her story)

“I believe that the multivitamin will help the kids growing big and strong. You are our hero too. Thanks again for everything. I really appreciate your support and help our children at PIO.”  — Phymean

“The multivitamin supplement and egg distribution is going well the kids like it very much.” — Aster

“Thank you for your support and helping those kids. You don’t imagine how those kids look like after they start eating the egg and taking multivitamin supplement, they are gaining wait most of them they are eating two plates of rice during lunch time. Thank you so much for your support.” — Aster

PIO Children at SMC are now receiving a daily multivitamin and an egg twice a week. Our teachers report that this has had a positive impact on the children with regards to their health and mental state. — PIO January Newsletter