Youth Beach Cleanup – Sri Lanka

September 2014- Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Wow! Just wow! The entire Galle Fort has seen a huge transformation over the past few years.  The areas around the beach that C.O.L.O.R. has cleaned for nearly 10 years however have seen major changes.  The beach is now an intricate part of the community rather then the garbage dump and burn site for the fort.  An annual festival continues to be held on the beach.  Shops and restaurants in the area have grown and old Dutch building facades have been restored meticulously; it’s really stunning and quite modern. The influx of tourists to Sri Lanka and the Galle Fort has encouraged hotels and the Galle Fort Heritage Foundation to clean the beach in addition to C.O.L.O.R.’s monthly clean up.  So in December of 2104, we will be ending our beach clean up program knowing that it is in good hands, and celebrating its successes with the boys who have helped us for all these years!  Job well done!  

Galle Fort

Galle Fort

Beach with Presidential Stage

Beach with Presidential Stage

Beach road at night.

Beach road at night.


December 2011- Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

The beach continues to draw in more and more locals and tourists; it remains a festival site.  The area of the fort adjacent to the beach has been given a grant from the local heritage foundation and is set to be restored.  

Beach Sign, Galle Fort

October 2010- Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

The reclaimed beach was the site for a festival this past summer. It’s amazing how it has become a vibrant part of the community and a destination for natives after years of consistent upkeep and care.

March 2007 – Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

The monthly Beach Cleanups are continuing, and C.O.L.O.R. rewarded the local youth volunteers for their hard work with a recognition party and certificates. The beach now draws crowds of locals and the revitalization has caught the attention of the district mayor, “Who is cleaning this beach?”  We are!

Fort Galle beach Clean Up Galle Fort Beach Clean Up 20072007 Beach Clean Up 2b

January 2006 – Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

The beach cleanup is going well. C.O.L.O.R. volunteers from the US helped with this months cleaning and had the children create environmental awareness posters for the area around the beach and reef. We are happy to report that the beach is becoming a popular place for locals.

Truck it away from the reef please.

Truck it away from the reef please.


Signs made by the local kids.

Sri Lanka 2005 518 IMG_0732 IMG_0618 IMG_0025 IMG_0008 IMG_0003 IMG_0726

January 2005 – Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

C.O.L.O.R. is sponsoring a local volunteer cleanup of the beaches and reefs surrounding Fort Galle, Sri Lanka. We provide equipment, lunch, and refreshments to the community during clean up projects.

The beaches have been cleaned many times but debris is still a constant problem. This is partially due to the tsunami, but mostly due to a lack of environmental education in the communities. Through directed clean up actions and hiring local caretakers we hope to improve the beaches for people and local wildlife to enjoy, as well as leading by example to expand environmental awareness.