Girls Educational Scholarships- Sri Lanka

C.O.L.O.R. is providing educational scholarships for underprivileged girls in Sri Lanka. Only $360 sponsors a child’s education for an entire year! These scholarships cover all educational needs including books, tutors, tuition, and other schooling costs.

How Scholarships Work:

  • Awardees are given approximately 3,000 Rupees ($30.00 US) per month for educational costs.
  • Scholarship is good for 1 year at which time their grades and progress is reassessed.

To Qualify for Scholarships, Children:

  • Must have low income household.
  • Must show academic achievements.
  • Must be recommended by teacher, school staff, or community.
  • Must show progress while in the program.
  • Parents cannot have any drug or alcohol problems.


  • C.O.L.O.R. covers educational cost for child.
  • Children are encouraged and motivated to be successful.
  • Children are able to enroll in extra tutoring which can help them to qualify for additional government scholarships and free university educations in the future.


Keshala’ s Story …. an inspirational story about one girls path to education.